Our Strategic Objective & Purpose:

It's our promise to build a community of small mom & pop owner / operators of American lodging operations.

It's our promise to make the deepest impact; the biggest difference in the lives of these American lodging owner / operators; and to impact as many of those lives as we possibly can.

It's our promise to help you continuously improve your operations, enhance your hospitality & grow your leadership skills.

Thus, enabling you to survive & thrive.

Ultimately, helping you build a great American legacy of significance.

Our Guiding & General Operating Principles:

We Are All Small Mom & Pops

Big corps don't get us out of bed, not sorry.

Where We All Help Each Other

We are always asking how can I help you?

We Are All Trying To Survive & Thrive

We are in this togather.

We Are All Building A Great Legacy

We all deserve a great legacy of significance.

We Are All Pursuing The American Dream

It is what the Founding Fathers would have wanted. Prosperity.

We All Strive To Be Better Everyday

If we don't grow everyday, we will die.

We All Think Abundantly

Because we have a very generous God

We Are All Hungry To Learn & Grow

We have to learn every day.

We All Welcome You To Join Us

As long as you have the same mentality as we behold.

We All Belong Together

Neighbors help each other out.

We Never Quit, Never Give up.

Perseverance is king!

We Need Help, We Want Help, We Get Help

We are not afraid to ask for a helping hand.

We Are All Kind & Caring

We are always kind towards others, no matter the circumstance

We Are All Patient & Understanding

It is what Jesus has done for us.

We Are All Generous & Sharing

plenty to go around, we have a very generous God.

We All See Value In Other People

Great leaders recognize value in others.

We All Want To Improve Our Operations

We implement Proprietary operating Systems for continuous improvement.

We All Want To Enhance Our Hospitality

We always make people feel good, welcome and make them feel like they belong.

We All Want To Grow A Leadership Culture

Show great leadership skills, teach other to become great leaders.

We All Want To Identify, Articulate & Achieve Our Goals

We all help each other build great legacies within our businesses.

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